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FIFA Qatar 2022 AR Pin App

FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup AR Pin App

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As Google Android™ and Apple iPhone® have offered increased AR capabilities from their native software to their additional camera lenses, it has never been a better time to develop AR apps to help generate excitement around your brand. DDA has been an early adopter of a wide range of interactive digital technologies, and has embraced the opportunity that AR mobile applications represent to today’s world. 

The FIFA AR pin app was designed and developed by DDA working with the official FIFA licensee just in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. This bold new way of offering added value and interactivity to FIFA's collectible pins represents a powerful step forward in the licensee's product development and marketing, and demonstrates the unique possibilities AR apps offer to expand reach into an increasingly tech-savvy youth that demands more interactivity from all the products they purchase.


With the 2022 FIFA World Cup coming up soon in Qatar, the official FIFA pin designers needed a new AR app that would reinforce the FIFA Qatar branding while adding the added excitement of AR graphics and interactivity, distinguishing them as a leader among collectibles designers and manufacturers and thus solidifying its reputation with the burgeoning youth market.


While the pin designers were initially interested in developing a native AR app for the FIFA Qatar AR Pin App, upon further consultation with DDA it was determined that an online AR app would offer more scalability and cross-device compatibility at a reduced cost, while also simplifying the user experience. Users simply scan the QR code that comes with the AR-enabled FIFA Qatar 2022 pin to get to the online app, instead of having to download the app first. Once on the online platform, they work through the process as they would in a native app. By developing on an online platform, DDA will be able to add AR capabilities to support future AR-enabled pins at a much lower cost than would be necessary for separate native app design. The online AR app development process also reduces redundant app store review and publication processes, allowing for any updates to content or functionality that may be requested to be done without these roadblocks. Furthermore, by capitalizing on the latest online AR app processing modules, the image recognition, 3D space configuration, and other AR app capabilities will continue to improve over time with little to no additional development required, saving the client money while allowing them to benefit in the best of what AR has to offer has the technology grows.


The FIFA Qatar 2022 pin comes with a folded-card package that includes a custom QR code. Users scan the QR code with their smartphone to be directed to the online web platform that hosts the AR application. Once on the online app, users point their smartphone so that the pin is centered in a box in the window of their screen so that the pin can be scanned and recognized based on its design by the AR app. Once recognized, animated graphics are layered directly on top of the physical pin. The animation shows the FIFA logo, a white band decorated with lacy red patterns that evoke the artwork that adorns shawls worn in Qatar and many surrounding areas, twirling on its axis, bringing the Qatar World Cup logo on the pin to life.

After the Qatar World Cup logo animation spins 3 times, the user is taken to the AR graphics filter. The user positions a life-sized 3D model of the Qatar World Cup logo next to an individual in view of the camera. Once positioned, users press a button to remove the app interface from view, allowing them to use the smartphone’s screen capture to take a photo showing the life-sized 3D model of the logo next to a friend in their smartphone’s real world view. Users can then share the photo with the 3D AR logo graphics on their social media networks, and even include a link to the online AR app if they like, so any of their friends that may come along can use the AR app on their friends’ pin to see the AR features themselves.

DDA has been a leader of all kinds of interactive multimedia since its inception in 1994. With its first AR project undertaken in 2009, DDA has seized the opportunities offered by the new ARCore and ARKit AR development platforms for Android and Apple mobile devices respectively to focus its efforts on building innovative and original AR app experiences that engage, entertain, and inspire the sharing of the AR experience with others such as with the FIFA Qatar 2022 AR Pin App. DDA is also highly focused on the opportunities for AR to expand possibilities in eLearning, currently working on a cutting edge medical device training platform for LivaNova, a globally recognized medical device manufacturer, to provide the organization an original and immersive approach to device maintenance compliance training. DDA produces all its work in house with its own team of programmers, designers, multimedia specialists, and more, offering a coordinated set of both creative and technical skills that allows for groundbreaking custom new multimedia experiences like the FIFA Qatar 2022 AR Pin App that allow companies and organizations to stand apart from the herd. 

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