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AR Furniture Assembly

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As mobile software developers are responding to the challenges and opportunities provided by augmented reality, more businesses are beginning to see the practical advantages if this exciting new interface. Augmented reality offers numerous advantages for many disciplines and industries, with immersive and interactive capabilities that can radically advance many types of training, including the assembly of components into a piece of furniture.

Augmented RealiTease is a company with an exclusive focus on the development of high-quality AR apps, and they have developed a wide range of potential AR concepts for consideration. AR Furniture Assembly combines some of the best features of augmented reality to make an application that is easily customizable for the prospective client, and can act as a centralized source of information and assembly instructions for the manufacturer, with a memorable, enjoyable, and effective technique for easy-to-use assembly instructions for the end user.


Augmented reality assembly instructions can quickly enable users to gain greater competency over the rapidly advancing world of complex products. For large companies such as IKEA and other manufacturers that require customer assembly, the opportunity to provide a central paperless source for compelling and effective assembly instructions could save millions, while providing a steady and reliable online location for all users. Web-based augmented reality assembly programs can lessen the learning curve and save money through the use of online resources that quickly and conveniently deliver an effective AR experience.


AR Furniture Assembly can provide a vital resource for many types of assembly operations, with the potential to be developed by individual companies for proprietary assembly instructions. Acting as a sort of Sears's catalog of assembly instructions, AR Furniture Assembly can be developed into a database of assembly operations for a wide variety of products. Web-based AR offers distinct advantages over native AR, and can be used as a cost-effective way to introduce new software applications online that offer the AR experience without the need to download and install additional software.


AR Furniture Assembly will be accessed online from your smartphone or tablet. You can scan the barcode on the product to initiate the app. You will get personalized instructions through the 3D interface. Instructions can be carried out in several ways that make different use of the interactive capabilities of AR. For example, a 3D virtual object can float inside the scene of your camera viewpoint, and you can compare the components in your hand with the 3D virtual components. Directional arrows will appear dynamically in your camera view to show you how to connect the parts, with indications for tools or specialized operations. The details of the finished assembly can be compared with the virtual model for verification, with checkpoint to verify a successful assembly.

About Augmented RealiTease

Augmented RealiTease is a leading developer of AR applications, and AR Furniture Assembly is one of our many concepts we anticipate for augmented reality development. Fully equipped to handle any sort of specialized requirement, Augmented RealiTease's comprehensive skill set allows them to perform all aspects of the work in-house, with no outsourcing. This way Augmented RealiTease maintains close communication with their clients to ensure full quality control. With clients across the entire spectrum of custom software development, Augmented RealiTease is prepared to accept any challenge. If you have any questions about AR Furniture Assembly, or if you want to discuss the possibilities of augmented reality, contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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