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Augmented reality is changing the way we interact with computer information, with the opportunity to give users a new perspective on their environment. As an immersive and interactive 3D interface, augmented reality layers dynamic, real-time features into a user's environment via their smartphone or tablet. ARKit and ARCore, Apple and Android's AR development platforms, now make it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access AR apps for any number of applications. Photorealistic graphics can render environments, virtual avatars can be introduced into your environment and seamlessly engage with your surroundings, and 3D virtual objects can be manipulated in real time, with shadows and reflections that shift and change with the user's shifting perspective.

Augmented RealiTease, a new company formed by DDA, one of the leaders in the multimedia software industry, is focused on the production of AR apps for all types of end users. Web-based AR offers many advantages for industries to develop new application concepts. As leading developers of cutting edge custom mobile software for many types of industries, Augmented RealiTease has prepared a number of concepts that provide an exciting prospect for immediate development.


For many property owners, it's difficult to gain a thorough understanding of their assets, regarding code and building restrictions, setbacks and easements, and more. Now AR can provide quick real-time access to all types of land-based information by layering virtual graphics into a user's camera view. Acting as a central resource for property information, users can now see where their property extends with GPS precision, and glean many details regarding the prospect for future projects.


With greater levels of photorealism and graphic speed, AR offers a completely new way to assess one's property. The informational details of a property delivered within an interactive real-time 3D environment provides an unprecedented view of one's surroundings and enables users to imagine new projects new landscapes and new experiences.


Users could access AR Site Perimeter via a web-based application. By using the camera to scan the property, AR Perimeter offers a tool for landowners to overlay a display of their property. Virtual graphics will clearly delineate property lines, easements, protected areas such as blue lines, along rivers and lakes, code-specific information, sewer lines, and more. Arrows can indicate floodwater levels and drainage direction. Layered graphics can add hydrological information such as water tables, frost lines, and soil types. AR Site Perimeter can also be developed to allow users to import designs from existing modeling software. An even more ambitious version could also incorporate the possibility to use AR Site Perimeter as a design tool, and to design in real time and then export that information to develop further in 3D modeling software.

About Augmented RealiTease

Augmented RealiTease introduced its first augmented reality project in 2009. With extensive expertise, their team of seasoned programmers and multimedia designers can quickly assess project goals to determine the most cost effective and practical solution to meeting those goals. This logical, step-by-step approach enables Augmented RealiTease to take full advantage of the features and opportunities provided by AR, to streamline production and to keep the project within budget.

While native AR apps remain popular, web-based AR offers reduced initial development costs and convenient access for the user from any mobile device’s browser, with no download required, reducing entry barriers for developers and users alike. If you'd like to know more about augmented reality, web-based AR, and AR Site Perimeter, please contact contact Augmented RealiTease to discuss opportunities for development.

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