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Augmented reality is beginning to have a dramatic impact on the way we interact with the world around us, providing the opportunity to give users an enhanced perspective on their environment. AR is an immersive and interactive 3D interface, one that layers dynamic, real-time visuals into a user's environment via their smartphone or tablet. ARKit and ARCore, Apple and Android's AR development platforms, now make it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access AR apps for any number of applications. Photorealistic graphics can render environments, 2D graphics can be overlaid onto real landscapes, and 3D virtual objects can be manipulated in real time, plus shadows and reflections that shift and change with the user's shifting perspective.

DDA, one of the leaders in the multimedia software industry, has launched Augmented RealiTease, a new company focused on the production of AR apps for all types of end users. In addition to the prospect of native AR, web-based AR offers many advantages for industries to develop new application concepts. As leading developers of cutting-edge, custom mobile software for many types of industries, Augmented RealiTease has formulated a wide range of diverse and original concepts for AR applications to inspire past and future clients.


Parking layouts are a critical factor in the feasibility of many urban and rural projects, and are sometimes a deciding factor in moving forward. Accurate layouts that obey all of the rules of parking and circulation that also keep accurate measure of car counts would provide a vital tool in the decision-making process. Any method that can make this process more efficient for designers, with the added benefit of showing their clients in real time, will offer an excellent new standard for urban planning projects.


With greater levels of photorealism and graphic speed, AR offers a completely new way to assess one's property. Details on a property delivered within an interactive real-time 3D environment provides an unprecedented view of one's surroundings and enables users to imagine new projects, new landscapes, and new experiences.

Web-based AR offers all the immersive and interactive qualities of native AR apps, and shifts access to an online platform for reduced development costs and faster, easier access from smartphones and tablets. It is more easily scaled due to the fact that app content can be added to and updated without republishing the app, so more therapies can be phased into a treatment program. By helping medical organizations reinforce their therapy through unique, cutting-edge user experiences, web AR allows anyone to take advantage of AR effects, with no download or install required.


As a web-based AR app, AR Parking Layout could be conveniently access online, with the interface driven through the camera on a smartphone or tablet. Parking layouts are restricted to a few layout types and are constrained by car dimensions, ingress and egress widths, and circulation rights-of-way. AR Parking Layout takes these constraints and allows designers to quickly scan an area, mark out its extent, designate entry/exit points, specify one of the arrangement types, and specify a car count. A set of proposed layouts can overlay the existing surroundings. Indications of grade changes can be made, and photorealistic renderings of the lot can be layered over the existing site for a compelling visualization tool.

About Augmented RealiTease

Augmented RealiTease has an extensive background in multimedia software development, with an extensive level of expertise to back it up. Their team of seasoned programmers and multimedia designers can achieve all project goals and create all project content in-house, without the use of third parties. This way Augmented RealiTease is able to innovate within highly practical criteria to determine the most cost effective solution to achieving those goals. This logical, step-by-step approach enables Augmented RealiTease to take full advantage of the features of either native or web-based AR. While native AR apps remain popular, web-based AR offers reduced initial development costs and convenient access for the user from any mobile device's browser. With no download required, entry barriers for developers and users alike are reduced.

If you'd like to know more about augmented reality, web-based AR, and AR Parking Layout, please contact Augmented RealiTease.

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