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Augmented reality is now being applied to a wide range of new software, with an interface that's uniquely suited for dynamic learning and visualization experiences. As the next advance in interactive multimedia design, augmented reality uses a camera lens as the source of its interface, and integrates the features of virtual reality into a real world environment. All types of business and medical applications will soon employ AR, as well as a wide range of applications for entertainment, hobbies, and education. Both Apple and Android have supported the future of mobile AR apps, making it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to access the latest augmented reality applications.

Augmented RealiTease created its first AR application in 2009, and, as a full-service interactive multimedia company with a specific focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications, is excited by the bright future promised by the widespread availability of augmented reality. In response to these new possibilities, Augmented RealiTease has developed a set of innovative AR concepts for development, and AR Dog Grooming is just one of the many exciting opportunities to consider.


Augmented reality is proving to offer distinct advantages for those who need to visualize custom designed products and services in certain contexts, and Dog Grooming is one such example. AR Dog Grooming can be developed to provide a swift and accurate way to see how a specific grooming design will look on your pet. By using your camera view, AR Dog Grooming will let dog-owners see a range of choices, select an option, and receive an accurate estimate for the work, removing guesswork, speeding up the decision making process, and providing tools for the service provider that gives their customers added confidence.


AR Dog Grooming offers an innovative and effective enhancement to a very popular and common task for pet owners, and gives them new ways to enjoy the process. AR Dog Grooming will likely be used by dog groomers worldwide in order to simplify the approval process, and to ensure their client gets the style for their dog that they are looking for, as well as an excellent way to market their new ideas. With the immersive and real time information delivery of augmented reality, AR Dog Grooming could well become the new standard for designers and pet owners who regularly need to see to their dog's grooming and to make it a positive outcome for everyone.


Dog Grooming is a demanding field, because many pet owners are as particular about their dog's appearance as their own. And no one likes an unwanted result when it comes to hair styling. AR Dog Grooming provides a dynamic, real time tool for the customer and the stylist to previsualize the grooming process from start to finish. A user can point the camera towards the dog, and a menu of choices will appear next to dog with dog grooming fur styles that are specific to a particular breed, such as a poodle or cockapoo, or by fur type, longhair or shorthair, or new style ideas. The great advantage augmented reality offers is the ability to see the new style vividly superimposed onto the dog in real time, making it far easier to evaluate whether the choice is a good one. Augmented reality lets you see the style in motion, not just a virtual snapshot. This added vividness makes it fun and more effective, giving the groomer the ability to discuss details options and to show their customers the full range of choices available for their dog. Once the visualization is completed, floating text labels can assess the total and deliver an estimate for each style, and a customer can readily cycle through the choices to make the best selection for their pet.

DDA, the parent company for Augmented RealiTease, has made significant contributions to nearly all types of interactive software, and has garnered Tabby Awards in both 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications. DDA formed Augmented RealiTease in response to the new wave of augmented reality, and has assembled a highly experienced and skilled team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists. Augmented RealiTease can take on any software development challenge in house, without the use of third party contractors. This way, Augmented RealiTease maintains full control of the project, streamlines production costs, and keeps in close contact with the client. Whether the project requires continuing medical education (CME) and other eLearning platforms to videos, animations, mobile apps, or any other type of software design or development, Augmented RealiTease ensures a flawless end user experience across every platform and every device. Learn more about augmented reality and AR Dog Grooming, and contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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